According to new state rules put in place in 2015, conventional septic systems must now be inspected every 10 years.

We currently inspect systems in Morrow County. Our base rate for inspections is $210 with $50.25 going to the Morrow County Health Department. 

When your system is due for an inspection, you will receive a letter from the Morrow County Health Department. You have six months from the time you receive the letter to have the inspection completed.

During the inspection, one of our technicians will come to your home and first look at the system and take measurements of the liquid in the tank. For every bedroom in the house, 50 gallons of water must be run into the system. He will need access to the house to run water and inspect the plumbing that runs from the house to the septic system. Once enough water has been run through the system, he will take another measurement and inspect for any visible runoff. He will fill out a report, which you and the Morrow County Health Department will receive copies of.

To schedule a 10 year septic inspection, please call 419-947-3121.